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Our Team

Mo Kumarsi

Mo Kumarsi has over 15 years of startup and business development experience, he currently provides consultation for multiple projects in the blockchain space. Throughout 2017 to date Mo has directed the management of business lead generation, marketing and long-term relationship building for many businesses in the traditional world and Blockchain space.

Mo kumarsi came to canada as an immigrant at age 10. He always had a business entrepreneurial spirit. At age 11 he had his own paper route and soon had one of the biggest routes in Missisauga In Ontario and had 3 other paper boys working for him.

At age 16 Mo started work at a telemarketing company where he quickly rose to a Manager and within a year was a 1/3 partner in the company. At age 19 he started his own company “Success & Nothing Less” he grew the company to 23 personal trainers.

Between 23-30 he started several traditional businesses including a local chain of laundromats, which led him into the cleaning and carpet cleaning business. He took $700 and turned “Cleaning with Love” into one of the 3 biggest cleaning companies in the province, the highest rated in Canada and the most awarded business in the trade field in Canada.

Mo has been in the Blockchain space for 2 1/2 years working with 5 blockchain companies on marketing and branding. These include Coinpayments, Spectiv Vr and few more. In addition he has worked and assisted as an advisor in launching over 14 different blockchain companies.

Mo is passionate about start-ups and helped these Companies from A to Z with branding, sales funnels, media, and listings.

Mo is the founder and owner of Go Marketing & Media Group which he has started in order to continue to help Companies with Marketing, Media and Branding.

Avril Betts

Avril is a Brit now a Canadian Citizen residing in Greater Vancouver, Canada.

She owns A-Z Tours International (online) which has been operating online for 21 years. Avril is a serial Entrepreneur with over 35 years expertize in running businesses in many areas including having owned 2 retail Travel Agencies in addition to A-Z Tours, owning and operating a Country Inn and Restaurant and a Submarine Shop and Deli.

Avril uses her experience and expertise to assist others as an Entrepreneur, Coach and Mentor. Here are just some examples of how she can assist you in starting and growing your business.

1. Clarifying your vision and identifying what problem your product/service can solve that will make your customers want to buy.

2. Setting Goals and an Action Plan to achieve them.

3. Developing a business plan. The all important blueprint and roadmap for setting up and growing any business - the basics are the same for all businesses.

4. Determining the Demographics and Psychographics of your potential customers and where to find them. Key to any business.

5. Ensuring you have systems in place to run your business.

6. Ensuring you continue to work with an accountability coach and mentor to keep your on track and to bounce ideas/problems off.

Tauryce Abraham - Senior Sales Professional

Experienced Sales Professional with a demonstrated record of growing business with both new and existing clients. Skilled in Sales, Information Technology, Inventory Management, and Microsoft Office, as well as other CRM and computer-based systems. Strong sales professional with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) focused in Sociology from The University of British Columbia (UBC).



To get your clients attention in this busy market you must be different, different makes you great. We help you differentiate your company enough to truly stand out from your competitors. We build a cult like BRAND for your business to attract the right clients.


CREATIVITY is in our blood - Vancouver-based Digital Marketing and Branding Agency. We have clients globally working with small to mid size companies. We like to under promise and over deliver we will put here our services description we will put here our services description we will put here our services description


SEM, SEO, PPC Mobile marketing. We get your message in front of the right audience. We have a high conversion with our team of experts in Social media marketing.


We will work with you to develop Facebook and Instagram Business pages, to enhance your profile with public. These have become essential outlets for getting your message out to the world. we will put here our services description we will put here our services description we will put here our services description.


There are some basic principals to marketing - We will help you determine WHO are your target clients, WHERE will you find them, HOW can you offer value to them, and lastly how to compel them to ACTION.


Web design - Creating mobile friendly well optimized, sleek, sexy websites that help you not only stand out but rank well. On and off page optimization help our clients organically rank higher.

Welcome to our Go Marketing Media Group company


You can overcome your fears too by putting your mind to the actions needed to overcome the fear and being persistent in your endeavours.

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